Barbaresco Tasting with DANIELA ROCCA, Albino Rocca estate

Winemaker tasting with Daniela Rocca, ALBINO ROCCA Barbaresco, Piedmont.

SAT. OCT. 28, 1-5pm.

Join us for a great opportunity to taste a range of wines from one of Barbaresco’s top estates, ALBINO ROCCA. Four generations of the Rocca family have been committed to preserving winemaking traditions in the region, investing in quality, and more recently, sustainable farming, for which they were awarded the “Green Experience” certification. We are thrilled to have Daniela Rocca here to present the estate’s stellar line-up of piemontese varietal wines.


2013 ALBINO ROCCA Barbaresco “Angelo” 94+ pts. $100
“The 2013 Barbaresco Angelo emerges from the best fruit in Montersino, Ovello and Ronchi that are harvested and vinified together, that spent 55 days on the skins. A haunting, aromatically expressive Barbaresco, the Angelo opens with striking, captivating aromatics. Nuanced and delicate on the palate, the Angelo is as old school as old school gets in this day and age. Sweet red berry, mint, chalk and anise add the closing shades of nuance. The tannins need time to soften but this a very pretty, highly expressive Barbaresco.”– Antonio Galloni, Vinous

2011 ALBINO ROCCA Barbaresco “Ronchi” Riserva 91 pts. $125
This signature vineyard, with 50-70 year-old vines in limestone and clay soils, has the ideal combination of age, soil characteristics and SE exposure, and produces wines with rich aromas, excellent structure, complexity and longevity.

“The 2011 Barbaresco Riserva Ronchi captures the power and intensity of the vintage in its broad shoulders and overall richness. A host of dark-toned cherry, plum, smoke and tobacco notes meld together in a dense, powerful Barbaresco.” — Vinous

2013 ALBINO ROCCA Barbaresco “Ronchi” 95 pts. $50
“The 2013 Barbaresco Ronchi is superb. Ample and large scaled, as wines from this clay-rich site often are, the Ronchi is firing on all cylinders today. Layers of dark red stone fruit fill out the wine’s ample frame effortlessly. Pine, menthol, anise, citrus peel and tobacco add attractive aromatic overtones, but it is the wine’s balance that is most impressive today. Simply put, the Ronchi is a standout. 95 pts.” –Vinous

2014 ALBINO ROCCA Barbaresco DOCG $40
Nebbiolo vines 20+ years; wine is aged in large barrel 24 months.

2015 ALBINO ROCCA Dolcetto d’Alba $14.99
“Rocca’s 2015 Dolcetto d’Alba is fresh, lifted and aromatic, all qualities that make it an excellent choice for drinking now and over the next year or two, while the sweet red cherry and plum flavors retain youthful exuberance.” – Vinous

2016 ALBINO ROCCA Barbera d’Alba $17.99

“The Barbera d’Alba is made in a fresh, fruity style meant to be enjoyed young. Aging in steel keeps the red cherry, plum and fresh floral flavors.”–Vinous

2016 ALBINO ROCCA Chardonnay da Bertu $19.99
100% Chardonnay aged in steel. “An attractive, fresh Chardonnay to drink now and over the next few years. Lemon peel, pastry and yellow stone fruits flesh out nicely.” -Vinous



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New from the Amalfi Coast! Marisa Cuomo

MARISA CUOMO Costa d’Amalfi – New and Exclusive!

As more travelers find their way to Italy’s famed Amalfi Coast, more wine lovers are discovering these extraordinary wines. Truly, these are among the few wines that so emphatically evoke their spectacular surroundings. 

2015 MARISA CUOMO Fiorduva Bianco $75

The estate’s flagship white wine, Fiorduva, would certainly be included in a master list of Italy’s most distinctive and iconic wines. The native grapes used to make the wine, Ripoli, Fenile and Ginestra, are rare varieties found only along this sun-kissed coastline. Demand is increasing for this limited wine – don’t wait to get yours!

2016 MARISA CUOMO Furore Bianco $30

60% Falanghina and 40% Biancolella aged in steel. Furore exudes the aromas and flavors of the coast: sea breeze, limestone, sun-dried herbs and white flowers clinging to the cliffs above the azure waves.

2016 MARISA CUOMO Ravello Bianco $30

60% Falanghina and 40% Biancolella. Offers zesty citrus and ripe orchard fruit aromas, accented with brisk marine notes. Enticing!

2016 MARISA CUOMO Furore Rosso $30

The reds are surprisingly resonant in this seaside paradise — old vines rooted deeply in limestone underpin the cherry fruit of aglianico and the herbal notes of piedirosso. Lovely!

2016 MARISA CUOMO Rosato $25

The most versatile of roses is this one – flat-out gorgeous berry fruit, lush texture and refreshing finish. The hint of coastal herbs makes it a great food wine year-round.

Marisa Cuomo and Andrea Ferraioli have really hit a sweet spot when it comes to making wines that reflect the uniqueness of their territory and the distinct grapes used in this isolated garden of viticulture. The winery farms 20 ha of sea-facing vines on stone terraces that are literally planted on the side of cliffs overlooking the panoramic splendor of the Amalfi Coast and the brilliant azure seashores below. Their top white wine, Fiorduva, could well be included in a master list of Italy’s most distinctive and iconic wines. The native grapes used to make the wine, Ripoli, Fenile and Ginestra, are rare varieties found only along this sun-kissed coastline. Marisa Cuomo’s wines reflect a profound sense of dedication and craftsmanship. They are precious and significant wines, especially when considered against the rich backdrop of Italy’s patrimony of indigenous grapes.” – Wine Advocate

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Winemaker Event with TERRE del PRINCIPE

TERRE del PRINCIPE Event on May 19 in Boston  terre del principe logo

Bob Griffin hosts wine estate
TERRE del PRINCIPE with Manuela Piancastelli & Peppe Mancini

Terre del Principe is one of the most intriguing properties in Campania. Founded in 2005 by Peppe Mancini and Manuela Piancastelli, Terre del Principe is an 11-hectare estate dedicated solely to the revival of long-forgotten, ancient grape varieties. The passion, determination and commitment of Peppe & Manuela to this project is truly inspiring – and the wines are simply exquisite! Over ninety guests tasted the no longer forgotten wines with Mauela & Peppe, and tasted authentic cheeses and salumi from the region. Grazie mille to Bob Griffin for his efforts in making this event a huge success!

Terre Principe WinesTerre Principe Manu & Peppe

Terre Principe Bob Griffin & Peppe

2014 TERRE del PRINCIPE Le Serole $46
100% Pallagrello Bianco

2012 TERRE del PRINCIPE Rosato del Volturno $38
Blend of Pallagrello Nero and Casavecchia

2011 TERRE del PRINCIPE Ambruco Pallagrello Nero $48
100% Pallagrello Nero


2013 TERRE del PRINCIPE Casavecchia Centomaggia $48
100% Casavecchia

2011 TERRE del PRINCIPE Vigna Piancastelli $70
“Meditation wine” made from a blend of Pallagrello Nero and Casavecchia






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Winemaker Tasting with CLOS CENTEILLES, Minervois, France

Special Winemaker Tasting @ VINTAGES

clos centeilles cecile domergueCLOS CENTEILLES winery
Minervois, Languedoc, France
Wine Tasting May 17, 4-6pm,
featuring Cecile Domergue


CLOS CENTEILLES: Elevating Heritage Wines to new Heights

In an appellation best known for its rustic, simple table wines, CLOS CENTEILLES is a lone beacon of finely elegant, age-worthy wines of personality that reflect their place of origin.

Clos Centeilles Patricia
Clos Centeilles owner/winemaker Patricia Boyer-Domergue
 is a truly remarkable force in the Minervois wine region of the Languedoc in Southern France: as an innovator, she has created “original” wines while propelling her estate to atmospheric levels of quality; as a preservationist, Patricia has worked tirelessly to preserve and restore the most valuable heritage wines and grape varieties of the Languedoc region.

Patricia Boyer-Domergue and her daughter, Cecile Domergue, have beclos centeilles winesen traveling around the U.S., presenting their estate’s wines. While Patricia needs to return to the winery, we are fortunate to have Cecile Domergue join us at VINTAGES to showcase new and library releases from Clos Centeilles.

Please join us on May 19!

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Wine Tasting with Two Italian Winemakers!

WINE TASTING @ VINTAGES  Friday, Feb. 3, 5-7pm

Featuring two long-time favorite winemakers:

Matilde Poggi, LE FRAGHE

fraghe Matilde Poggi bottleOwner/winemaker of Le Fraghe in the Bardolino region, Veneto, Italy. Matilde makes fresh and complex wines from indigenous grapes, farmed biodynamically.

Stefano Pizzamiglio, LA TOSALa Tosa Stefano airport

Owner/winemaker at La Tosa, located in the Colli Piacentini appellation, in Emilia Romagna, Italy. Stefano’s wines are characterized by their gorgeous purity of fruit.

 Two of our long-time, favorite wineries — together! These independent wineries exemplify all that is wonderful about independent, family-run wineries from lesser-known regions. Bursting with personality, character, sense of place, and good ol’ VALUE, these wines have it all!

Don’t miss meeting these dedicated and accomplished winemakers at VINTAGES!

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Guide to Wine Enjoyment 2017

WINE RESOLUTION: Enjoy Better Wine, while Saving Time & Money
For those of you wine-loving disrupters not following the “dryuary” crowd, here are the most delicious resolutions you’ll ever follow…

1. Buy in quantity and save.

The easiest and smartest way to improve your wine enjoyment is to buy in quantity. Just six bottles earns you an easy 10% off; a case of 12 nets you 15% off! Buying wine by the bunch lets you mix and match type and price, so you can try different wines for different occasions. You’ll save money, and you’ll have something on hand when you need it.

2. Get out of your wine rut–Explore!
Resolve to branch out and explore something new— try a different region or a new grape. Let the crackerjack staff at VINTAGES ease you into some new selections – or shake up your palate if that’s what you’re after.  Just mention how or when you drink wine; some wines are brilliant with a meal, but aren’t the best for stand-alone sipping. Our wine consultant will make just the right recommendation.

3. Follow your favorite wines every vintage!

One of the best and most enjoyable ways to learn what good, authentic wine is all about – find some favorites and buy them EVERY YEAR! By drinking wine from the same producer every year, you will gain a greater appreciation of “terroir” –how a particular place and the unfolding drama of the growing season affect the wine’s character. A few guidelines: first, choose a quality producer–someone who goes the extra mile in both vineyard and cellar to make the best possible wine with whatever nature gives them. Next, choose a region that experiences vintage variation and producers that are not afraid to show it: best bets are the traditional regions of France, Italy, and Spain and cooler climates in Oregon and northern California.

Don’t be dissuaded by a less than great vintage –have the confidence of your convictions and buy your favorites year in and year out. If you’ve selected skilled, artisan winemakers with good land, you will have enjoyable wine EVERY year.  Your superior wine savvy will win you friends and influence—trust your palate more than points.

4. Start a wine cellar

The logical corollary to the resolutions above. If you begin to buy wine in quantity, and you’re diversifying your selections, and purchasing a case of your favorite wines (a couple selections per season is a good idea), then a place to keep the wine in some kind of order makes a lot of sense. Start small; a corner or closet with cool, consistent temperature is ideal. Short of that, consistent temperature is better than swings of hot and cold. (The top of your fridge is not a good place!) Making selections from your own cellar is very satisfying — and you can keep your favorites maturing for 3, 5, 10 years or more and dip in from time to time to see how they’re doing. It’s well worth any amount of effort and you’re on your way to being your own cellar master!

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