Wine-Buying Trip to Piedmont, Italy

Visit to Piedmont April 2018

Eric and Carolyn just returned from our wine buying trip to Piedmont, Verona and Venice. It had been several years since our last stay in Piedmont’s Langhe region, and we were excited to find out what had changed since our last visit. It’s always been a stunning landscape with green, vine-covered hillsides, narrow twisting roads, fantastic local cuisine, and of course, our very favorite tannic wines and taciturn winemakers.

The landscape? Still stunning, still very green, and even “greener” – many estates are certified organic or in the process of doing so.

The food? Amazing ly, it’s even better than ever – the addition of fish, especially crudo (raw) on nearly every menu, is a recent and welcome event. While there are no new white wines to pair with the pesce, Champagne and Franciacorta are plentiful.

The wine? Breathtaking. The wines we tasted at the 16 estates we visited were, undoubtedly, the best wines these estates have ever made. And so drinkable!  Where were the formidable tannins that would dry out your mouth and nearly shut down your palate? Where was the dominant oak at certain addresses? Not a trace did we find – in its place were elegance, length, purity, and yes, terroir


The excitement was palpable: at each cellar, not only were we excited to connect with our old friends, they were equally excited to present their 2013 and 2014 wines, both very different yet superb expressions of the noble nebbiolo grape. We were honored to spend time with our long-time friends, who, no surprise to us, represent the very best estates in the entire region.  A grand grazie mille to all the Langhe estates for their gracious hospitality, incredible wine, and enduring friendship:

Giuseppe Rinaldi, Barolo

Brovia, Castiglione Falletto, Barolo

San Fereolo, Dogliani

Elvio Cogno, Novello, Barolo

Burlotto, Verduno, Barolo

Allesandria, Verduno, Barolo

Vietti, Castiglione Falletto, Barolo

Renato Ratti, La Morra, Barolo

Giacomo Conterno, Monforte d’Alba, Barolo

Giacomo Brezza, Barolo

Cantina del Pino, Barbaresco

Albino Rocca, Barbaresco

Giuseppe Cortese, Barbaresco

Sottimano, Barbaresco

Ceretto, Alba, Barolo

Produttori del Barbaresco, Barbaresco


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