LA TOSA Winemaker Tasting June 5 & 6!

Tasting LA TOSA: Singular Purity of Fruit
FRI. JUNE 5, 4-7pm, Belmont shop
SAT. JUNE 6, 1-4PM, Concord store
Join us for a taste of LA TOSA featuring owner/winemaker, STEFANO PIZZAMIGLIO!

LA TOSA has been one of our featured wineries for 15 years, an estate that is near and dear to our wine-soaked hearts. Located in Emilia-Romagna, Italy’s bread basket and gastronomic center, La Tosa dwells under the outsized wine shadow of neighboring Tuscany. Why do we love La Tosa? It’s simple — there’s no other winery that reveals the essence of a grape variety in such a pure, focused, primary manner — think of color-field painters that covered large canvases with a single, saturated, gorgeous color that nearly vibrates with intensity and energy. And, we love LA TOSA wines because they are bursting with flavor, yet perfectly balanced.

We are thrilled to welcome Stefano Pizzamiglio of LA TOSA on his first visit to VINTAGES! We have been honored to support these singular wines and share them with our customers for the past 15 years. Located in Colli Piacentino, Stefano continually innovates in pursuit of wine perfection — achieving precise aromas and exquisite purity of fruit.

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Are Jura Wines for YOU?

What makes JURA wines DIFFERENT?

LOCATION/CLIMATE: The Jura is 25 miles due east of the Cote d’Or, in the Alpine foothills (Jura mountains). Soil is dense clay infused with marle. Climate is cool and wet, great for wines with bracing acidity and long-aging potential.

GRAPES: In the Arbois region of the Jura, in addition to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, local grapes such as Savagnin (white) and Trousseau (red) are unique to the region.

Jacques Puffeney, Arbois

VINIFICATION After fermentation, wine is put into barrels for aging. Over time as the wine begins to evaporate, the barrels are NOT topped off to keep oxygen out, as is done in normal wine production. Instead, a yeast forms on the surface of the wine, (much as in sherry production) which protects the wine and contributes to its characteristic flavor. Wines made in this style are called sous-voile, or “under the veil.’  This traditional method creates the unique flavors and textures in the Jura wines, with notes of honey, toasted nuts, salinity, and refreshing acidity embodied in a richly concentrated wine. Not all Jura wines are made sous-voile, many are made in a more conventional manner.

VINTAGES features JACQUES PUFFENEY wines from the Arbois region of the Jura. Puffeney’s 52-year career in wine has come to an end this year — try these wines before they become an historical footnote.

NV PUFFENEY Arbois Blanc “Cuvee Sacha” $40

This cuvée is Jacques Puffeney’s blend of Savagnin with Chardonnay, vinified in the classic Jura style: aged in foudres, no topping off, bottled two or so years after harvest.  The “Sacha” is a compelling wine of great length and complexity.

2013 PUFFENEY Arbois Poulsard $35

Poulsard (also known as Ploussard) is a fascinating grape that is local to the Jura.  The wine is a pale in color with intensely mineral character and fine tannins.

2013 PUFFENEY Arbois Trousseau “Les Berangeres” $40

Brambly, ripe raspberries, notes of new leather, black pepper and tea

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VALTELLINA: Nebbiolo with Altitude

VALTELLINA: Nebbiolo with Altitude

Nino Negri

Nino Negri estate

Established in 1897, Nino Negri is the premier estate producing wine in the ValtellinaDOCG in Italy’s Lombardy region. The estate specialty is Sfursat (“strained” or “forced”); a wine made from grapes harvested by trained pickers and dried for 100 days in the cool, dry, alpine air. This winemaking style combines the opulence of Amarone with the elegant complexity of Barolo. The success of Nino Negri is due largely to the efforts of winemaker Casimiro Maule who has worked at the estate since 1971 and was named “Winemaker of the Year” in 2007 by Gambero Rosso.
The Valtellina region, located at the base of the pre-Alps on Italy’s border with Switzerland, is an extremely challenging terroir. A narrow, 25 mile-long amphitheater of terraced vineyards lines the north bank of the Adda River, forming a deep gorge amid mountainous terrain. This is Italy’s largest terraced area of viticulture: an impressive 1,500 miles of dry walls that support the terraces are distributed over the 25-mile strip. Working this land is backbreaking work. Steep, nearly vertical vineyards from 2,400 to 3,000 feet elevation rule out the use of any mechanical equipment.

The star and primary varietal here is Chiavennasca, the local name for Nebbiolo. The variety has been cultivated in the area for over 1,000 years and all Valtellina DOCG wines must contain at least 90% Chiavennasca.

2010 Nino Negri INFERNO $28

A blend of Nebbiolo (Chiavennasca), Pignola and Pinot Nero, come from the Sassella sub-zone, the narrowest of which is called Inferno, the local name attributed to the particularly impervious vineyards that are difficult to work. The wine ages for 18 months in large 80-hectolitre Slavonian oak.

2010 NINO NEGRI SFURSAT di Valtellina $50

Produced from 100% Chiavennasca, the local name of Nebbiolo. Picked by hand in Valtellina and Valtellina Superiore, dried for 3 months, followed by lengthy maceration on the skins. The new wine ages for 22 months in French oak casks.  Intense garnet color, and a well-pronounced and complex ethereal perfume, with dominant spicy notes of clove, cinnamon, and pepper, and hints of plum jam. Elegant, and quite persistent underlying flavors of toasted hazelnut and licorice.

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2010 BRUNELLOs have arrived at VINTAGES!

“The 2010 vintage represents a new point for Brunello di Montalcino…This will be the new standard in quality to judge all Brunello.” –Vincenzo Abbruzzese, owner of Valdicava

2010 BRUNELLO di MONTALCINO: In-stock wines are available in both stores– call ahead to ensure the quantity you want is currently available. Quantity discounts (10-15%) apply on most wines except those marked “net.”

CONCORD 978-369-2545
BELMONT 617-484-4560

2010 SIRO PACENTI Brunello di Montalcino “Vecchie Vigne” 100 pts. $110
“Giancarlo Pacenti, Siro Pacenti’s owner and winemaker, is truly one of the masters of Brunello. His wines, which are a blend of vineyards from the north and south sides of Montalcino, show the exceptional characteristics of both of these sub-zones combining beautifully the power and structure of the southern sections with the precision and elegance of the northern slopes.  “Complex aromas of walnut, dark fruit, stone, oyster shell, chalk and dried fruits. This shows fabulous intensity and balance with layer upon layer of fruit and polished tannins. Builds on the palate. It goes on for minutes. Better in 2019. 100 pts.” — J.S.

NEW! 2010 SIRO PACENTI Brunello Pellagrilli 96 pts. $60
“Aromas of dark berry, stone, dried Chinese mushroom and flowers. This is full-bodied, with layers of ripe, intense fruit and a long, long finish. Massive. Needs time to soften. 96 pts.” — J.S.

2010 VALDICAVA BRUNELLO di Montalcino 99 pts. JS $135
“Absolutely stunning aromas of nectarine, orange peel, sweet black cherry, plums and flowers. Such beautiful length to this wine. It’s powerful and structured yet shows a gorgeous finesse and length. Truly wondrous. So long and refined. The texture is phenomenal. 99 pts.” –JS

SOLD OUT* 2010 SALVIONI BRUNELLO “La Cerbaiola” 97 pts. $200
Salvioni’s 2010 Brunello di Montalcino is deceptively medium in body and almost Burgundian in style at this stage in its life. Rose petal, cherry pit, smoke and tobacco notes abound as this delicate, understated Brunello very gradually reveals its striking beauty.Once ag ain, the Salvioni family has crafted one of the most exquisite, pure wines in Montalcino. Readers who can find the 2010 should not hesitate, as it is fabulous. I imagine the 2010 will provide 20-25 years of drinking pleasure. 97 pts. — Antonio Galloni

Coming soon! 2010 CIACCI PICCOLOMINI BRUNELLO “Pianrosso” 98 pts. $70 “Aromas of lilac, dark berry and sandalwood follow through to a full body, with fine tannins and an intense and savory finish. Very intense and very long. Succulent. Amazing balance and depth to this red. It’s so beautiful to taste now but it will be much better in five to ten years. A triumph. 98 pts.” -James Suckling

2010 FOSSACOLLE BRUNELLO 97 pts. $75
“Very perfumed with flower, truffle, light wet earth and cherry character. Full body and full integrated ripe tannins and caresses your palate. Very fine and pretty. Slight soya undertone. Succulent and enticing. You want to drink this. Better in 2016. 97 pts.” –James Suckling

2010 SAN FILIPPO BRUNELLO 97 pts. $60
“Extremely complex aromas of mushroom, stone, chalk, dark fruit and lightly dried bark or tea. Full bodied, with powerful and layered tannins. Muscular and intense. It needs loads of time to soften…97 pts.” -James Suckling

2010 SAN FILIPPO BRUNELLO “Le Lucere” 98 pts. $70
“Aromas of crushed raspberries, cherries and blackberries expand on your senses. There are also freshly sliced mushrooms, wet earth and bark. It’s full-bodied, with an incredible depth of fruit and a savory, salty, almost grilled meat character. Layers and layers of fruit and tannins. A truly great wine. 98 pts.” – J.S.

2010 CANALICCHIO di SOPRA 98 pts. $90
The 2010 Brunello di Montalcino will blow you away. This is a delightful expression that boasts its extreme quality from the minute the wine is poured from the bottle. As you should expect, it just gets better and better with each additional minute in the glass. It opens to a vibrant dark ruby color and blackish-garnet hues. The bouquet is ever changing and shows a long succession of aromatic characteristics that rage from dark fruit, plum, spice, leather, licorice, red rose, balsam and grilled herb. It’s textbook Brunello from a great vintage and this side of the appellation (on the northeastern side) performs fantastically in 2010. This beauty should hold fifteen years or more. 98 pts.” –WA

2010 ALTESINO BRUNELLO 95 pts. $68
“Wonderful decadent aromas of musk, orange peel and plum follow through to a full body, with soft tannins and a long and rich finish. Salty and savory. Layers of gorgeous fruit. Drink or hold…95.”James Suckling

2010 ALTESINO BRUNELLO “Montosoli” 96 pts. $135
“Montosoli enthusiasts will not be disappointed by the 2010 Brunello di Montalcino Montosoli. This special single-vineyard expression shows a beautifully fragrant and floral bouquet that is exactly in line with what this firmly consistent producer strives to achieve. This wine represents one of the most distinctive expressions of varietal voice and that’s what makes it so precious and rare. Sangiovese sings loud with small berry nuances and loud floral impressions of rose, violet and lavender. Its underlying complexity is further enhanced by anise seed, cola and licorice stick. The wine’s texture is soothing soft and silky. This is one for your cellars to age ten years or more. 96 pts” –WA

altesino label2010 GIANNI BRUNELLI Brunello 95 pts. $60
“The 2010 Brunello di Montalcino is surprisingly juicy and exuberant, with lovely overall resonance. Sweet red cherries, plums and stone fruits abound. Although quite expressive and highly appealing today, the 2010 needs at least a few years in bottle to develop the full range of its aromatic nuance and complexity. A long, incredibly silky finish rounds things out beautifully. Brunelli’s 2010 is all finesse. 95 pts. — Antonio Galloni

2010 AGOSTINA PIERI Brunello 95 pts. $50
“The 2010 Brunello di Montalcino is an irresistible wine that demonstrates just how far the Agostina Pieri brand has evolved over the past decade. This may be the best Brunello ever released by this boutique estate in the Piancornello subzone of the appellation. Most notable and compelling is the seamless integration of flavor and texture that is not easily achieved with the finicky Sangiovese grape. The wine opens to a dark ruby hue with aromas of dried cherry, cassis, blue flower, ginger and balsam herb. You get lingering mineral tones that create a sense of focus and sharpness. I tasted the wine very young, but am confident of the aging potential of this timeless Brunello. It should be a delight to revisit in ten years. 95 pts.” — WA

2010 ARGIANO BRUNELLO 98 pts. $60 (limited)
“An unforgiving and powerfully structured wine with fabulous grilled meat and granite stone character with dried berry and flower petal. Full body, chewy and intense. Great structure and extremely long and intense. Sexy austerity. Gets the juices going. Best ever from here. Reminds me of the great Argianos of the 1970s but now! Better in 2017 or 2018…98 pts.” – James Suckling

2010 LA PODERINA BRUNELLO 94 pts. $55
La Poderina is one of Montalcino’s best-kept secrets. La Poderina’s 2010 Brunello di Montalcino is a classic wine from this southern edge of Montalcino. Dark red cherry, plum, smoke, spice and leather notes open up in a rich, resonant wine bursting at the seams with personality. The 2010 needs a few years to soften, but it is already striking and absolutely delicious. 94 pts. — Antonio Galloni

Call or Visit the stores for in-stock 2010 Brunellos. To place an order for 2010 Brunello not yet arrived, CALL with CREDIT CARD 978-369-2545 or 617-484-4560.

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Winemaker tasting with Daniela Rocca, ALBINO ROCCA Barbaresco, Piedmont.
FRI. APR. 10, 4:30-7pm, Belmont
SAT. APR. 11, 2-5pm, Concord

Join us for a great opportunity to taste a range of wines from one of Barbaresco’s top estates, ALBINO ROCCA. Four generations have continued the Rocca family’s winemaking traditions in the region. We are thrilled to have Daniela Rocca here to present the estate’s stellar line-up of piemontese varietal wines.

2011 ALBINO ROCCA Barbaresco “Ronchi” $50 (20% off case of Ronchi)

This signature vineyard, with 50-70 year-old vines in limestone and clay soils, has the ideal combination of age, soil characteristics and SE exposure, and produces wines with rich aromas, excellent structure, complexity and longevity. Our Barbaresco Ronchi is aged 20 months in 20-hectoliter Austrian and German oak barrels. “Dark red cherries, smoke, tobacco and menthol meld together in the 2011 Barbaresco Ronchi. This is another deep, powerful wine. The 2011 Ronchi is all about intensity, fruit and power, backed up by the tannins of Nebbiolo.” — Vinous

2011 ALBINO ROCCA Barbaresco DOCG “Duemilaundici” $40

Avg. 15 year vines: aged in large barrel 20 mos. “A juicy, up-front wine, the 2011 Barbaresco possesses good up-front depth and richness. Smoke, leather, tobacco, cloves and cedar flesh out in a supple, radiant Barbaresco. The warmth of the vintage comes through in the wine’s intense fruit and voluptuous texture.”–Vinous

2013 ALBINO ROCCA Dolcetto d’Alba $15.99

Aged in steel for freshness. Dark blue fruit, almonds, spices and dried herbs frame this classic Dolcetto.

2013 ALBINO ROCCA Barbera d’Alba $17.99

“Juicy red cherries, plums, tobacco and spices all meld together in the 2013 Barbera d’Alba. This supple, tank-aged Barbera from young vines is another tasty, entry-level offering from Rocca.”–Vinous

2012 ALBINO ROCCA Chardonnay da Bertu $19.99
100% Chardonnay aged in steel. Refreshing notes of mint, pineapple, and apple blossom make a lively, versatile white.

2013 ALBINO ROCCA La Rocca Bianco $30

100% Cortese from 25-35 year-old vines, aged 4 mos. in barrel. Pineapple and peach on the nose, complicated by quinine, ginger and white flowers. Surprisingly supple and lively in the mouth, with juicy flavors of yellow fruits and gingery spices. Great personality!

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Winemaker Tasting at VINTAGES!

This Thursday, April 2, 4:30-7pm at VINTAGES Concord
You’re invited to a tasting featuring PATRICIA BOYER-DOMERGUE, legendary winemaker at CLOS CENTEILLES, Minervois, France!

APRIL 2, 4:30-7pm, VINTAGES Concord store

PATRICIA BOYER-DOMERGUE, owner & winemaker of domaine CLOS CENTEILLES from Minervois, in the Languedoc region of France.
As an innovator, pioneer and preservationist, Patricia has raised the bar for quality in the Minervois, creating elegant, long-aging wines from her old vine, cru-level property in La Liviniere. For example, Cinsault has the reputation as the region’s most difficult grape to cultivate: Patricia developed the methods in vineyard and cellar to express the unique greatness of this grape: she was the first to create a varietal bottling of great character, nuance and long-aging potential. She has also devoted decades to re-creating heritage wines from “lost” grape varieties that she reclaimed and cultivated. Featured wines at the tasting include:

Vertical of CAPITELLE de CENTEILLES, 100% Cinsault from 100-year-old vines
2005 Capitelle de Centeilles $35
2004 Capitelle de Centeilles $35
2001 Capitelle de Centeilles $40

CLOS CENTEILLES, traditional, age-worthy blend of Mourvedre, Syrah, Grenache Noir
2009 Clos Centeilles $25
2004 Clos Centeilles $30

And these “simple pleasures:”
2010 Carignanissime $15.99 (100% Carignan from 60-100 year old vines)2010 Campagne de Centeilles $16.99 (90% old-vine Cinsault)
Don’t miss this opportunity to experience these remarkable wines with Patricia Boyer of CLOS CENTEILLES!

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